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Helldivers 2's First Patch After PSN Fiasco Makes Much-Needed DOT and Scope Fixes - IGN Helldivers 2's first post-PSN connection crash patch is out now, making some much-needed fixes to the game.Highlights here include a fix for Helldivers 2's annoying damage over time (DOT), a fix for misaligned scopes, and a fix for the R-9 Eruptor to combat a shrapnel issue that was killing players.Patch 1,000,302, out now on PC and PlayStation 5, is the first to be released since Sony's dramatic overhaul of the Helldivers 2 PSN login requirement that had sparked backlash in the game's PC community. Developer Arrowhead will be eager to put last week's events behind it now that Sony has responded to PC gamers' demand, although CEO Johan Pilestedt admitted the studio has work to do to restore player confidence.To that end, Helldivers 2 patches continue to come thick and fast, with this latest following last week's big balance update. Helldivers 2's next Premium Warbond, Polar Patriots, launches on May 9th.Helldivers 2 Polar Patriots Premium Warbond screenshots

Helldivers 2 1000302 Patch Notes:

Primary, secondary and support weaponsR-9 EruptorIncreased explosion damage by 40 and removed shrapnel from explosionThis is to avoid situations where players would accidentally shoot themselves or teammates in a huge radius around the explosion
EnemiesSlightly increased the Shrieker's sight and hearing range.Slightly increased Gunship hearing rangeCorrectionsGameFixed issues with how damage effects applied over time. This should fix issues where only the owner of the network session could apply them and other cases where they could be applied inconsistently.Firing Punisher Plasma while wearing a shield backpack no longer damages the HelldiverFixed issues with some weapon scopes not being aligned in First-Person-View.The sound on stimulation no longer plays while pausedLarge orders with the "Kill task" now correctly track the score. Previously it counted the kills of the entire team once for each player, which means multiplying the score by the number of people in the mission. this has now been amended.Helldivers can no longer land on high cliffs in "Horde Defend Missions"Helldivers can no longer land on top of error pillars in the Disable Terminid Control System missionsFix booster strategy not being present if a Helldiver leaves the session before preparing and then hot joins the active sessionCrashesFixed a crash that could occur when all players were dead in the "Disable Terminal Control System" missionFixed a crash that could occur when exiting the gameFixed a crash that could occur when exiting the mission and rejoiningFixed a crash that could occur at the end of cutscenesFixed a crash that could occur when diving in missionsFixed a learning error that could occur on PC when ALT+TabbingFixed a rare crash that could occur when using beam weaponsFixed a rare crash that could occur for players on startup when using a VPNFixed a soft lock that could occur if the player opened text chat while the strategy menu was openOther general bug fixesSocial menu fixesPC players adding friends via friend codes can no longer appear as "Unknown"Fixed overlapping footers inside menusSteam Friends should now be visible in the Social Menu, even though the Friends List is not set to Public in the Steam Privacy SettingsThe recent players list will now include players who will join immediatelyPlayers can now unblock players who were not on their friends list beforehandFixed the issue with empty friend names in the Social MenuThe text of the privacy lobby mode is updated immediately when it changesPlayer names longer than 26 characters should now update correctly in the Social MenuFixed issue where non-host players could kick others indiscriminately, including the hostButThe total purchase meter on the right side of the Robotics Lab section no longer shows 7/8 even though all strategies have been purchasedFixed some edge cases related to Steam AppId related errors when logging inWesley is the UK News Editor for IGN. Find him on Twitter at @wyp100. Wesley can be contacted at [email protected] or confidentially at [email protected].
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